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Air Motors (I.Rand - Gast Interchange)

Generic image, the style of the motor will depend on the model chosen.

Lube free airline operation for most applications.

Will not burn out.

These motors will directly interchange with the listed Gast air motors.

All units listed are 4 vane, reversible motors.

Air Motors (I.Rand - Gast Interchange)
Code Datasheet Mounting Max Speed (RPM) Matches With GAST Model List Price Stock
MRV003A Call us for details HUB100001AM-NCC-12 (CCW) & 1UP-NCC-1A (CCW) - 1AM-NCW-14 (CW) & 1UP-NCW-2A (CW) - 1AM-NRV-39A (REV) & 1UP-NRV-3A (REV) - 1AM-NRV-63A (REV) & 1UP-NRV-10 (REV) £236.14 (£283.37 inc VAT) 0
MRV009A/NEMA56C Call us for details FLANGE NEMA 56C30002AM-NCC-43A & 2AM-NRV-90 £331.60 (£397.92 inc VAT) 0
MRV009B5D71-FA Call us for details FACE B5D7130002AM-ACC-91 (CCW) & 2AM-ARV-93 (REV) £381.18 (£457.42 inc VAT) 1
MRV009B5D71-FL Call us for details FLANGE B5D7130002AM-ACC-88 (CCW) & 2AM-ARV-92 (REV) £381.18 (£457.42 inc VAT) 2
MRV009C Call us for details HUB30002AM-NCC-16 (CCW) & 2AM-NCC-16F (CCW) - 2AM-NCW-7A (CW) & 2AM-NCW-7B (CW) - 2AM-NRV-89 (REV) & 2AM-NCC-43A (REV) £356.44 (£427.73 inc VAT) 0
MRV009F Call us for details FOOT30002AM-FCC-1 (CCW) & 2AM-FCW-13 (CW) £361.35 (£433.62 inc VAT) 0